Makeup Presentation


Do you need a speaker for your next women’s function? Dennie Pasion has accumulated a rich history working as a hair and makeup artist in film and fashion creating “the look” for models and celebrities. Her intuitive nature enables her to connect, share and entertain her audience.

Take Five is a 50-minute talk with demonstration that offers a fresh perspective on our current obsession with beauty and copycat approach to learning about makeup. It focuses on five principles of designing a makeup style and five steps to mastering the application.
The number five is the most dynamic and energetic of all single digit numbers. Five is the prevailing and magical number both in art and creation. In Chinese philosophy, wood, fire, water, metal and earth are believed to be the five fundamental elements of everything in the universe.
We respond to our five senses of sight, taste, smell, sound and touch. Theology relates to 5 as the symbol of grace. The number five has been an inspiration to many artists. When Marilyn Monroe was asked what she wore to bed she answered “Chanel Nº 5”.
In attending Take Five you will not only pick up ideas about the art and practice of makeup but Pasion’s stories will shift the way you see makeup and its relationship to your self and others.

Duration: One hour
Capacity: 10-30 attendees
Fee: by quotation