Hair Workshop


S.H.U is a four-day course, teaching hair techniques for use in commercial and fashion photography. After attending this intense course, participants will have obtained sufficient information, hands-on experience and inspiration to practice Simple Hairdressing Upon Request.

S.H.U. concentrates on three basic principles that apply to effective finishes in hairdressing:


S.H.U. will benefit those with little or no experience and has been designed for makeup artists that wish to extend their existing skills to include knowledge of hair for potential work in commercial photography. Techniques learned will also act as a catalyst to trigger the imagination for fashion and experimental concepts.

PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE: Identifying the range of styling equipment and choice of product to achieve the appropriate style communicated through a client’s brief.
HAIR TEXTURE: Confidence to understand the possibilities and limitations with various lengths and textures.

SHAPE and MOVEMENT: How to use the above knowledge to create a controlled style that will survive changes. A style that is suitable for: the model, wardrobe, hair type, environmental conditions, and the client’s brief.
S.H.U. includes blow drying and setting techniques, with irons, rollers, v hot rollers, pin curls, diffusing and wrap.

DRESSING HAIR UP: S.H.U. will focus on five basic stages to effective, simple designs in dressing hair up.
S.H.U. ensures learning through demonstration and hands-on experience. S.H.U. is scheduled for three consecutive days, real hair, real models for real situations. Day four is scheduled for troubleshooting after attendees have had a chance to experience and question the learning process.

S.H.U. was designed by Dennie Pasion in London 2000 to enrol makeup artists in learning basic hair techniques for fashion, lifestyle and beauty photography. Dennie has shared her knowledge and experience with many makeup veterans as well as novices in the industry, in London, Los Angeles and Dubai.

Duration: 4 days (36 hours in total)
Time: 9am – 6pm
Capacity: 6 attendees


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Includes: models, lunch and beverages