How Do I Look?

Makeup Workshop

How Do I Look?

A makeup workshop that inspires and gives reassurance to every woman, Whether she may have become stuck in a style, a product or a time Dennie will provide guidance and tips to help focus in the wonderful magic of make-up. We present ourselves in society and business, sometimes unaware of the message we are projecting. Perhaps a slight change in our image can soften an
intimidating persona or add a stronger presence to a gentle personality.

Is this your experience of makeup?

  • You are overwhelmed with choice when shopping for cosmetics. You walk away with nothing.
  • You trusted a makeup consultant at a department store counter and purchased a large collection of makeup that you have no idea what to do with when you get home.
  • You don’t wear lipstick because you think you look awful in bright colors.
  • You would like to wear eye makeup but don’t know how to apply it.
  • Foundation is never the right shade for your skin tone.
  • You watch makeup tutorials on the internet, but it doesn’t look the same when you try the technique on yourself.
  • Your makeup look is tired. You need an update.
  • When you look inside your makeup bag it is full of worn out eyeshadow palettes and a lip color from a decade ago.

How to prepare

  • Bring your makeup bag containing makeup and brushes that you use every day
  • Add products that you have purchased in the past and haven’t used
  • Do not be concerned about the condition the items are in

“HOW DO I LOOK?” a fun, informative afternoon workshop for ladies.A chance to be immersed in the magic of make-up and the possibilities it can bring. Soak up Dennie’s 4 decades of experience over a nice cup of tea. Guests will leave with a list of right choices for their make-up kit, a private consultation with Dennie herself and a goodie bag containing a few must-have items.

Duration: 3 to 4 Hours


  • £45 per person
  • £75 one on one
  • £120 mother & daughter

Capacity: 6 People

Includes afternoon tea and a free goodie bag.