Make Believe

Makeup Workshop


Make Believe.
For hair and makeup artists with media experience.

The Make Believe workshop takes you back to Hollywood when Max Factor coined the phrase makeup. Hollywood starlets became screen legends with a type or look of hair and makeup that continues to be associated with fame. We the artists create mixing and playing with types, challenging ourselves to reinvent and continue to Make Believe.

Make Believe will cover hair styling techniques, truths and tricks. The total vintage look will be completed with makeup tips for black and white photography. Make Believe will reference periods of time and iconic figures such as Mary Pickford, Marlene Deitrich, Lauren Bacall and Rita Hayworth to influence and trigger the imagination.

  1. Hair setting
  2. Pin curls
  3. Waves
  4. Victory rolls
  5. Product choice
  6. Brushing techniques

Mannequins, live models, and a photographer.

2 Days