What People Say


JERRY METELLUS Photographer, Las Vegas

“Dennie’s approach to her work goes well beyond a hair and makeup artist. She is a visionary who weaves her craft with a broader message on life’s purpose and the pursuit of happiness. My work as a photographer was elevated thanks to our collaboration.”

NICK DAVIDSON Owner/Partner Alchemy Films, Dubai

“She will hold an audience captivated with amusing anecdotes from her life in an industry whose whims and fancies can lead to the most curious situations.”

LOUISE NICHOL Editor in Chief, Harpers Bazaar Arabia

“Dennie Pasion has been central to the evolving fashion scene in the Middle East with her visionary take on makeup and hairstyling. She brings a warmth and humanity to the set that both models and editors adore.”

SHONA WONG Owner/Partner Stem Agency, London

“Dennie has a hunger and desire for the creative process that proves infectious, inspiring and ultimately life changing.”

VENETIA MAUNSEL Owner/Partner Bareface Agency, Dubai

“Dennie has a deep understanding of how to create beauty.”

RICK KINSAL Director of Cultural Affairs, Coty, New York

“The style and formats are profound, rich in content and sincerity and are updated due to the current climate in trends and environment.”

JANE EDDY Attended How Do I Look Workshop, Dubai

“Dennie’s unique offering is a lifetime collaboration of skill, talent, artistry and bold, creative endeavor. Her perspective is sourced from her love of art, books, music, film and any other form of inspiration. This ensures that her workshop is entertaining and provocative… a rare treat indeed.”

TIFFANY Attended How Do I Look, Dubai

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop with Dennie. Her knowledge of makeup and its history was both educational and fun. I learnt a great deal of tricks and methods of applying makeup. She introduced me to the perfect products for my skin tone and now I look great with my new Burberry foundation! Dennie is delightful, sharing her stories and her talent is truly an invaluable experience.”

MEGAN RICHARDS Attended How Do I Look Workshop, Dubai

“Thank you Dennie for letting my daughter accompany me to attend your workshop How Do I Look. We found you to be inspirational. The tips you shared on how to apply makeup and product choices were authentic. We had a wonderful experience together.”

CHERYL GATWARD Graphic Designer, Marbella, Spain

“Dennie will ultimately pull out the creativity in any person she works with. We’ve worked together on a number of projects and I always look forward to working with her. Making space for the creative response is not always easy in this busy world – but Dennie will make sure it happens! Creativity provokes response!”