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Make Believe

A Vintage Hair and Makeup workshop for professionals to discover the formulae s used to create the image of hollywoods screen sirens. Techniques and products used for black and white film.


For girls who want to know how to sparkle after dark. This workshop will make you feel and look like a rock star!

How Do I Look?

A Makeup workshop for women who feel the need for a boost on self image and an update on current makeup choices and application techniques.

Session Styling

Bespoke workshops tailored for professional hair and makeup artists looking to expand skills on current hair styling. Designed by request.


S.H.U. is a four day course for makeup artists that wish to learn hair techniques for commercial, beauty and fashion photography.


Bespoke programs for personnel on deportment & identity. Grooming for corporate & hospitality industries.


A 50-minute creative, informative, entertaining talk, with a demonstration of conceptual makeup techniques.